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Wireless Charging

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It's simple. Our Fast Charge technology is designed to draw much more power than previous standard protocols, without sacrificing the battery’s lifespan. Compatible devices charge from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes with our Quick Charge-enabled charger.

Wireless charging
Wireless charging

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  • Wireless Car Charger and Phone Holder (for Samsung, iPhone, Android)
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  • Wireless Charger And Dual USB Power Bank (For Samsung, iPhone, And Android)
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At Wirelesscharg we create products that help utilize the capability of technology and make people's live easier. Our goal is to connect people with improved technology that allows for better enjoyment and experiences. Our products are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use.

Customer Reviews

Amazing so far. Charges way faster than my apple charger


I got this charger for my office at work, its nice to be able to lay my phone down while it charges and still be able to listen to music. It charges very quick. Amazing!


It's crazy how far technology has come. I got the visible one and it charges really fast. This is one of the coolest chargers ive seen!


Unlock your phone's wireless charging capabilities

Wire Free

No more tangled wires

Find Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Phone at Wirelesscharg

Wireless charging is a system of charging or transferring energy, where you do not need to connect any type of cable to your phone. The principle is very simple to understand: We start from a Qi transmitter (charging station) that electromagnetically induces the required energy to the receiver Qi (Our cell phone).

At Wirelesscharg you can get Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android at very reasonable rates. Below are some benefits if you buy Wireless Mobile Charger for iPhone from Wirelesscharg.

What are the Benefits of Using Wireless Charging?

• No cables: it is much easier and convenient to use.

• Less wear: You do not need to connect and disconnect any cable to the charging pin of the phone.

• Greater compatibility: The devices that come with Qi technology are compatible with almost all wireless chargers on the market.

• Low cost. Years ago maybe it was a luxury to have a wireless charger. Today these chargers are becoming cheaper and accessible to the general public.

• Fast charge. The speed of wireless charging has improved a lot lately. In addition, wireless chargers for cellular or charging bases are increasingly powerful.

So if you need Wireless Charger for iPhone and Samsung then buy it from Wirelesscharg as from here you can get quality product within your budget.

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